About us

Mr. Han Jung Min - General Director at JayJay Vina Co.,LTD


Since its establishment, JayJay Corporation has implemented all activities based on three core values: Global management system, Quality control, and Sustainable.

As a result, we are constantly innovating to create eco-friendly products, sustainable products, with international certifications and patents.

In the next stage, we are determined to become the leading textile and dyeing company in the region, with a focus on responsibility to the community and society. JayJay is committed to provide our customers with products and services that exceed their expectations, and we will always strive to offer the best possible value for our customers.

We believe that with the hard work and dedication of all our employees, JayJay will achieve great things in the future.







EastHan co., ltd, established in Korea

Global suppliers in US, Janpan, Hong Kong

Set up JiaXing WeeMeet, factory set-up in China

JayJay Corporation established in Korea

JayJay Vina, set-up factory in Vietnam


JayJay is committed to develop true sustainable values

JayJay is committed to develop true sustainable values

Besides our goal to become a leading corporation in the textile and dyeing industry, JayJay is always serious about achieving sustainability and environmental responsibility. Through our production processes that save energy, use safe and eco-friendly fuels, JayJay Group is committed in manufacturing products that fulfill greener environment, operate in an ethical procedure for environment and our society.
Zero Water is our patented technology globally.

JayJay develops recycle products line

JayJay develops recycle products line

JayJay uses recycled polyester yarn in its recycle products line, instead of using completely new materials. Recycled polyester is a fiber that is made from old plastic bottles that are cleaned and recycled. The quality of the recycl products line are comparable to other similar products, ensuring that quality standards are met.

This product line is also recyclable, which helps to conserve resources and has a positive impact on the environment.

All products in the recycled product line are certified by GRS, which stands for Global Recycling Standard.


Our history of long experience in production, research and development and strict quality control system, with capable team of experts enables us gaining the trust of many customers all over the world.